Handcrafted Natural Australian Cordial

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Katie Swift Cordials are handcrafted cordials, made in Sydney, Australia. Katie Swift Cordials are natural Cordials, they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

All the flavours are based on one natural cordial recipe, which was passed down to Katie by her aunt Patti, the original recipe was developed by Patti to work through an abundant crop of lemons every citrus season.

Katie gave a bottle of Lemon Cordial to her friends Alex and James, as a cafe warming present, when they opened Cornersmith in 2012. From that small beginning, there are now 16 flavours and many outlets. Katie really enjoys the relationships that develop around the Cordial. From the sourcing of the fruit, to the owners and staff  of the outlets and venues.

Wherever possible, fruit is sourced close to home base in Sydney. Lemons, Limes and Tangelos from Sommersby, Lemons from Middle Dural and Seville Oranges from Lake Munmora. Katie goes to the orchards in the winter when the trees are bountiful, and picks, juices and freezes for the year ahead. Because of the seasonal nature of the produce used, not all flavours are available all the time.

Use Katie Swift Cordials for a smashing all natural soft drink with sparkling water, or for a cracking cocktail with any number of spirited partners.